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Open Source Marketing

A New Level of Marketing Transparency: Open Source Marketing

Open Source Marketing:  Is an idea, a concept, a way of doing business. It is an organic marketing principle where you the audience is invited to not only see the end results but also tag along as we go through the process – where we trip, where we run, and how we learn from both.  It is Digital Variant sharing all of the steps we take to market ourselves in a competitive market. It’s not a course, it’s not a case study, it’s Open Source Marketing.

What will the blog series include, good question, but we expect some of the following as well as much more:

  • Strategy & Planning
  • Staffing
  • 3rd party support
  • Software Selection
  • Social Marketing (Facebook, LinkedIn, Google +, YouTube, Pinterest, etc)
  • Search Marketing and Optimization
  • CTA’s and a/b Testing
  • Analytics
  • and much more!

Digital Variant is about 11 years old and I am Mark Stutzman, the founder and CEO. We are developers, consultants, designers, and social app experts. We work with amazing companies like iMentor, who we built a Social SaaS platform for managing and reporting on mentoring relationships. We also work with companies and brands such as Avon, Keen Footwear, Meredith, Federated Media, Fuse, Scope, etc. For all of these brands we either built awesome custom Social Apps or have licensed them our in-house built SaaS platform for building and managing custom Facebook app. Our apps range from contests to games and they are insanely good at growing their brands reach, likes, and business.

We are great at Social Marketing to Consumers, but we are about to figure out how to take that experience and apply it to Inbound Marketing to generate leads for a B2B business – US! We are also going to show you every step and move we make, it will be 100% transparent. Welcome to Open Source Marketing – we are going to do this and do it right and we are going to tell you about everything we do. All of it! We will make mistakes, but we will learn from them and so will you. Ultimately this should be a blueprint for how to launch and maintain a B2B Lead Generation Marketing Plan that generates real business.

So, if you are a small business or brand, or a Marketing manager of a huge Fortune 500, enter your email below to get our blog sent to your email. You can learn right along with us, or help us when you see us stumbling and maybe together we can show the world how to use Social to generate leads, build a brand, and grow your business!

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Written by Mark Stutzman

Mark Stutzman is an experienced Entrepreneur, Interactive Strategist, Product Specialist, and Social Media expert with over 15 years experience delivering elegant, effective, scalable internet, stand alone, and social applications. Mark is also the CEO and founder of Digital Variant.

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