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(At least) 7 Signs It’s Time to Bring in the Big Guns to Work on Clients Digital Campaigns

1.  You told your Tech department they need to design and develop a Facebook contest for one of your company’s biggest advertisers and they suggested you “use Woobox/Shortstack /North Social” or any other self service tool because they are swamped. Are you really going to risk a $500k campaign on a template?!?
2.   You’ve been ...

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Friends Let Friends Share Photo Albums on Facebook

It’s big news on Facebook today. Users can now create shared photo albums. Up to 50 users can put their photos together to create one album.
Imagine you’re all at a family reunion, snapping your “phones” all day. Everyone flies home, glad they won’t see the relatives for another 15 years. Ah, but later that that ...

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Pick Something and Start!

Open Source Marketing is not only a series of blog posts for us, but it is a way for us to share the steps that we are taking as we learn to build and maintain a real Content Marketing and Lead Generation plan for our B2B business. We are discussing each step with absolute transparency ...

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Who’s Got Game?

Facebook has game and we are not talking about Candy Crush, Words With Friends and the slowly dying Farmville. We are talking about ‘gamification’. Gamification is when you take something that hasn’t been a game, like shopping, and add features to the experience that make people feel like they are playing a game. Think badges, points, and rewards.
The goal ...

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Facebook Contest eBook is Now Available For Download

Have you thought about running a Facebook contest?
Have you been checking out different Facebook self service or full service sites but gotten a little confused by the “lingo”? Are you wondering what all the components are that make up a successful execution? We can help!
We have just the free eBook for you. Fresh off the ...

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Open Source Marketing

A New Level of Marketing Transparency: Open Source Marketing
Open Source Marketing:  Is an idea, a concept, a way of doing business. It is an organic marketing principle where you the audience is invited to not only see the end results but also tag along as we go through the process – where we trip, where ...